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De Klak

In 1945, after the end of World War II, in Reusel, a small Dutch town near Arendonk, Jos de Klak got on his bike and went to the Janssen Bros to buy new pigeons. It started a fantastic career of Jos de Klak pigeons, champions in short and medium distance flights. Hans Eijerkamp visited Jos de Klak for the first time in the late 1960s. Later on, many pigeons were moved to Brummen. The offspring of Golden De Klak pigeons: Vechter x Witpenneke, Marietje, Dikke van de 20, de Knook, Blauwe 613, etc., in Brummen proved their quality. Hans Eijerkamp enriched the Klak family with several really great birds, which included: Generaal, who won 87 contests, including 3 times the first place; Bartoli, Olympic pigeon in Blackpool; Goldfinger, the best young pigeon in the Netherlands in 1987; Mooie 95, the leading breed pigeons in the Hans Eijerkamp breeding station purchased on an auction from the former loft manager of Jos de Klak. The main advantage of the de Klak pigeons are good achievements and beautiful appearance, which is completely normal in this strain.