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1985 was the year of Wim Muller: he won the European Cup awarded for achievements in international flights from Pau, Marseille and Perpignan to Barcelona. After the sensational victory, all the birds were moved to the loft of Hans Eijerkamp and Sons. After two years, Wim Muller was again in the lead and in 1989, a new company was established: Eijerkamp-Muller; already in 1989, First Lady won National Perpignan. In successive years, spectacular results were achieved, including the European Cup in 1999. He has obtained his pigeons breed from the old Zilvervos lines; after adding a drop of Janssen blood and a drop of van Wanroy blood, a perfect blend was achieved to create a new modern Jan Aarden pigeon. Only in 2002, 5 first national contests were won by descendants of Eijerkamp Muller birds. The more difficult the race, the better the achievements of Eijerkamp Muller pigeons. They should be handled like wine: the older, the better! The best lines of the Eijerkamp-Muller line include: Superkoppel; Hercules; Marseille Star; Kruisbek; Madonna, etc. Currently, the stars are Red Rising Sun, the first prize at National Dax in 1999 against 6397 birds; and Porsche 911, eight at Nat Pau and eight at Nat Perpignan.