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Jan Aarden

Jan Aarden's pigeons are well known all over the world. This strain has also been widespread in all countries in the world, and many of its ardent supporters have bred birds that continuously win prizes. These are pigeons that continue to fly while others are already tired, hungry or exhausted. Sometimes they have golden eyes, silky feathers and strong muscles. They have been created to fly over a distance of 1000 km with the same ease as 400 km. In his lofts, Eijerkamp tries to keep the purest Jan Aarden race possible. The following are the most famous pigeons: Aarden 84, Oud Koppel, Witbuik, Vlekje, Dolle or Bonfire. The latter is the winner of the first contest at the National Brive 1996 against 6228 pigeons participating in the contest.