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In 1964, Hans Eijerkamp made the first visit to the Janssen Bros in Arendonk where he acquired 6 young birds, among others, after such parents as Dikke Blauwe, Bange 1951, etc. This is how he began the work that he would continue throughout his life. Bange 780 (granddaughter of Bange van '51) became the founding family member. As a result of pairing her with Famous 05, the best pigeon in the Netherlands in medium distance flights in 1981, an excellent couple was obtained. This pair are grandparents of Flits and Jonge Generaal pigeons that represented the Netherlands at two Olympiads. Famous 05 was the uncle of James Bond, the best pigeon in medium distance flights in the Netherlands in 1984. James Bond is a progenitor of Silvester, the best short distance pigeon in the Netherlands and pre-progenitor of Peter Bond, the best cock of the Netherlands in 2001. Another great pigeon was Glamourboy, cousin of Famous 05, the winner of Nat. Etampes, attended by 13842 birds. Glamourboy is a pre-progenitor of Loverboy, the World Champion of Young Pigeons Versele Laga 1996 and his brother Mr. Loverman, the best cock of the Netherlands in 2000. Flits is a pre-progenitor of Miss Saigon that was second in short distance flights in 2000 in the Netherlands. 2000 was already a spectacular one because Lady Jumbo was awarded (and crowned) as the best hen in the Netherlands. She was offspring of Jumbo, a winner of 3 first prizes, a natural brother of Jonge Generaal. Sometimes, in order to improve the Eijerkamp/Janssen breed, unique birds were introduced. At an auction in the Netherlands, Prima Vera was purchased for an incredibly high amount of money. It is probably the best hen ever that has flown the Dutch sky because she has won 10 first prizes among the purebred pigeons! She has also proven to be a great sire. The common breeding of these pigeons means that they are currently among the best ones in pigeon racing: they are great in both racing and breeding. By crossing them with such breeds as: Vandenabeele, Van Loon, De Klak, Meulemans or Van Breemen, we obtain current winners in flights.