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Van Loon

Louis van Loon already had his first pigeons when many fanciers of racing pigeons were not even born. He had many achievements at the HAFO (middle distance) level. A dozen or so farmers who bought pigeons from him achieved big success, but Louis did not change. He bred pigeons as a hobby and knew little about racing. Hans Eijerkamp's Dutch loft witnessed some very good Van Loon pigeons, but until 1991, they did not reach the same level as Janssen pigeons. In 1991, he crossed Janssen and Van Loon pigeon, and it turned out that the world saw such stars as Flits, 1995 Olympic pigeon; Linda, the second female of the Netherlands, etc. Eijerkamp acquired several top van Loon birds and in 1996 – several young pigeons from Louis van Loon. It turned out that van Loon pigeons are a perfect match for the Eijerkamp-Janssen breed, resulting in birds that competed and won flights on distances from 100 to 700 km. Although purebred birds were also able to accomplish this without major problems. Currently, contemporary celebrities are well known in the Netherlands, Germany, England, Portugal, USA, China and Poland. Beach Boy and his nephew, Silver Shadow, won 3 times the first prize; Bazooka finished fourth in middle distance flights in the Netherlands; Blauwe Louis – the original Van Loon 3-time winner of the contest; Gladiator; and certainly the couple Chicago x Denver that has 6 various winners of the first contests; these are just a few examples of birds that have taken van Loon pigeons to the top.