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Van Wanroy

Jef van Wanroy became a legend in his lifetime. In the early 1970s, after his death, all his pigeons were sold to Antoon van Haaren (and then to Jo Hendriks). In 1981, Hans Eijerkamp acquired a pigeon named Donkere Kleine, who represented the Netherlands at the Olympiad in Tokyo. The cock not only had very good achievements, but his quality proved to be even higher in breeding. One of his greatest descendants was Black Giant that won the first contest at National Bergerac in 1995. When he was transferred to breeding lofts, a star was born. Many of his descendants, grandchildren and great-grandchildren had the best achievements in domestic flights. Another descendant, Kleine Donkere, also achieved victory. His grandson, Friedhelm, was the father of the winner of International Perpignan in 2001, attended by 20574 birds. Because of single mating of van Wanroy pigeons, they are perfectly suited for pairing with other families that use single mating, e.g. Eijerkamp-Muller, Van de Wegen and Eijerkamp-Janssen.