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The Belgian rising star of the pigeon racing sport. Wittenbuik (won 5 first prizes) is among the best known. It is a progenitor, pre-progenitor and pre-pre-progenitor of many champion birds. Obviously, it was not the only wonderful cock that Gaby had. Further outstanding pigeons included Senna; Wolfgang; Limoges, who won the first national contest of Limoges, against 13631 birds; Kolonel, winner of the first contest of Prov Chatearoux against 7793 birds; Ronker, who won the first contest at Nat. Limoges, against 8831 birds. Hans Eijerkamp bought over 60 birds from among the best pigeons that Gaby had. Another great move for the benefit of the Vandenabeele breed was teaming up racing birds by the Dutch champion in the Vandenabeele breed, Koen Minderhoud. Koen is Gaby's very close friend and has been at the top for several years now. He has won many first contests in flights over distances of 140 to 600 km. He was in the top 10 at championships in short distance flights in 2000 [National Short Distance Championships, 2000], several times winning regional flights. In early 2002, all real hidden stars moved to Greenfield Stud. Many excellent offspring were bought from Koen Minderhoud, including after such parents as: Witpen Wittenbuik, Blauwe Wittenbuik, Tours, Blauwe Gaby 103, etc., a total of 16 first contest winners. Once again, only the best were good enough to Hans Eijerkamp.